Meeting up at CLA


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Saturday some of us from the forum met up at the NGO tent. It was great we were soon chatting away as though we had known one anoher for years.
The sense of cameraderie was incredible, besides we looked great in our matching shirts :) Many new friendships were formed. Look forward to the march and shoot as we will have longer to talk. This is IMO what the forum is about. We can only go from strength to strength with the proviso only get out what you put in.
Typical stalker couldn't remember where parked the car. Good look around recognised the big oak tree car waiting patiently.


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My self and my son most certainly enjoyed the day talking to like minded people on the NGO stand where we were working . I must i did learn from our colleague morena who i was talking to for quite some time he has a wealth of knowledge to pass on and an asset to this sight so to have many others on the sight . My son is also there today and is being asked where he got the t shirt and by people who do not have one and are nothing to do with the sight how to log on after the CLA hopefully we will have some more members I think the T shirts have been a big success for the sight and the march and shoot in general all we need now is more people bidding for whats on offer MUDDY


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i found the NGO tent at about 14:30 ish .. :( couldnt see any TSD t-shirts though.

man it was hot in those little stands , tents etc.

i did love my venison burger the queue was worth it.


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Cracking Day, thouroughly enjoyed meeting Site members.

Managed to bag a couple of bargains for me. Also collected some items for the Auction and Raffle.

Cheers to all who went.



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had a great weekend,it was good to meet some new faces,i soon lost you muddy at the ngo tent,hope to catch up with you again mate.uncle fester is over in norfolk for the week stalking now and we are off to dorset/devon in the morning so i will have lots to catch up with in a fornights be good all of you and lets not have to much p**s talking while me and uncle fester are away and cant defend arselves :lol:


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Good to meet up at the Game Fair on Saturday and get to know a few folks from the site.
See you all at the March And Shoot in September


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good to meet the few that were there early, soory couldn't stay for long and meet a few more but the little one's where starting to kick off due to it being lunchtime. see you all at the M+S.

Little Terry

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It was a genuine pleaseure to meet a few of you at the CLA, if only for a few minutes. Looking forward to the March & Shoot and the dog day for more of the same.

Who knows, one day we might have our own stand there!!!

Best regards to all,


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Thanks to everyone who made it to the NGO tent at the CLA. Boy it was so hot, and I am grateful for the beers Nick, Andy and Carl.

It was great meeting everyone, I hope morena is feeling better after another bout of Malaria, and also many thanks to TJ for collecting more gifts for the auction.

I hope everyone bought something nice to take home from the show, and furthermore I shall resist telling the members about Nick and Andy and the campsite :rolleyes: well thats until they are back to defend themselves.

All the best Sikamalc


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Yes Andy, your photos showing well defined features along with festers can be found under CLA 2008. :oops: :oops:
should have put them with this topic.
Hope you had a good holiday. :lol:



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i have seen them phil,laughed my head off.had a great time thanks mate.those of you who live down the west country you have some fantastic ground.i have seen lots of roe about whilst out and about. and on the way up the m5 on friday evening we saw 5 different stalkers across the fields.jammy devils.were any members out near the m5 on friday? i also met up with tony off the site so i put another face to a name.another cracking bloke with lots of knowledge.