Mega Ears


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Being a rather deaf old boy I have had digital in ear hearing aids for some years. I spotted Mega ears in the Bush Wear catalog a while ago. They protect from loud sounds and amplify quiet sounds. I know there are others that do this but mega ears claim to have a directional sensitivity so you know from what direction the sound is coming.
I was wondering does anyone have any experience of them.?



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I don't think you can do much better than a digital hearing aid in each ear.

Your "direction finding" is provided by the separation of your hearing aids (how wide is your head?) and by the design of the aids themselves. 2 microphones per ear being better than one.

I have worn in-the -ear -canal aids for 20 years to date. My hearing is c**p in the pub.

I do OK, however, in the field with Siemens digitals in each ear.

Only problems are - 1st - remember spare batteries. 2nd - remember to wear a hat with a brim because a wet hearing aid is to hearing acuity as Bernard Manning was to the interpretation of the Romantic poets.

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