Meindl Dovre Extreme GTX


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Has anybody had any problems with these boots leaking, squeaking or anything that's not lived up to expectations.


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Mine squeak like a bi***!!! But then again in a year I've never put wax or treated them they get used and abused!!!!!


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My first pair leaked along the rubber seam . I sent them back to Bramwell international the uk importers and they sent me a new pair . Had these now for three seasons and still going strong. Try oil or dubbing down the sides of the tongue to stop the squeaking .


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I buy new boots in the back end and expect two dry winters from them but never a third. Squeaking has never been a problem. I use nikwax regularly, especially on the tongue.


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Amazing boots, cant fault them. Dubbin regular seems to keep them in good shape. No problems with the Dovre leaking but have had problems with Glockner in the past.


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Had mine for about 2 years now, use them regularly and love them. Because they were a lot of money and the way I am, I clean and dubbin them regularly and this has helped maintain them and I would expect to get another year out of them at least. They are as said above "awesome" particularly in the hills and because they are relatively light I often use them about the farm as well and on certain shoot days. The only criticism I have taken for them is from a stalker in dorset who I was summer woodland stalking with and he reckoned they were insensitive and therefore noisy underfoot and wellies would have been better. Probably true but not a real issue when wellies are readily available.


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One of mine squeaked sent them back ! Got a replacement pair . top firm i have two pairs of these boots

Dan Newcombe

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Only thing i find with them is thet they fit wide and as a result creased over my toes and dug in.

Ive got the Glockners that fit a bit a narrower and they are spot on. Most folk up her have the Dovre and on the Estates its generally to go to boot


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Just had a new 2nd pair, old ones are 7 yrs old and let in water at the heel now, but awesome boots and like a pair of slippers. Found em for £200 plus about £7p&p.
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Not had any problems with mine. They've been excellent. The Meindl sport wax is far far better stuff than dubbin or Nikwax. You don't need as much and it treats the leather a lot better. Found it on e-bay and certainly wouldn't go back to using Nikwax.

Jager SA

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Not a patch on the previous boots they made, in fact I would say pretty poor, the rubber around the boot cracked after a few good outings, they do leak a bit...wouldnt buy another pair.