Meindl Dovre Extreme


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I am considering buying a pair of Meindl Dovre Extreme boots. I have only heard good things about them so I want to know if there are any negative views on them, what I should expect to pay (they tend to be about £215, are there any offers about?) and if there are any other boots to look at? I currently have the dreaded Mouflons.

Thank in advance



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I have only used meindl for the last 10 years or more, no probs with any of their boots.


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Hi YorksJt,

I've had a pair for the past two seasons... After pushing my big toe through the gortex in the end of some Mouflon GTX's.

They are a far tougher and better built boot with slightly greater support in the ankle. However my Mouflons were like slippers compared to the Meindl's and I get hot spots under my big toe each and every time i wear them on a long stalk over rough ground.

I've tried different insoles, ie supergreens, and very other off the shelf inserts and cant sort it.

The last time I had this was with the rubbish boots supplied to me whilst serving in the Army for 8yrs.. and I ended up buying danners back then.

I wont buy another pair on this basis and may look to the harlika 12 inch leather boots next time around.

That said.. You will get dozens and dozens of supporters for the Meindl boots here and I would agree if it were not for the hot spots they give me.

Each to their own i suppose



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I have a pair that did a season as ghillies boots on a Scottish island, covering several hundred miles in the season, and never had a problem with them and still wear them regularly. The only thing is to make sure you have decent socks, because they aren't hugely warm which is ideal in summer months, but need a little more insulation in cold weather.

That said, waterproof, fantastic ankle support and soles that take out the lumps and bumps, and handle really rough stone without wearing out after a couple of stalks. £200 odd sounds steep, but they'll last you ten times as long as a boot costing half as much if you look after them.

norma 308

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great boot but not the warmest when sitting in a high seat for long periods in sub zero ,reminds me gotta wax mine up for sat


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wslack&son mansfield £208.99 great boots with brill after sales. Had a pair develop a squeak after two years ! Result :- New pair of boots


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Yorks - you'd be better off investing in a double buggy. Them boots will be hung up in the garage in 6-months for the forseeable :rofl:


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Thanks for the replies. Going to see Gregor at MacLeods on Friday to buy a pair if we make it up!


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I find all meindl boots great as long as you keep the leather supple and never ever dry them out quickly with any kind of heat source as with any leather boots, my other half just destroyed a pair of 2 year old meindl burmas by drying them under radiator over night and now leather is more like beef jerky. :doh:


I wear a pair of Meindl Dovre Extreme boots for beating / shooting and a pair of Meindl Burmas for work both are great boots, switched over from Le Chemeau Mouflans a couple of years ago simply because the quality of these had seriously gone downhill.


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I beat stalk and fish in mine. The estate I beat on three out of four seem to live in them keepers wife wears them eight of the pickers and loaders wear them and everyone swarrs by them. I love mine but are cold in Highseat.

sam evans

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I have over the last 15 years tried most available makes of boot and had never had the same make twice until I bought some Meindle Dovre. They are a wide fitting boot especially compared to the mouflon gtx. I wear my boots every day stalking and shooting over horrible wet terrain, no matter how well I maintain my boots they rarely last more than a year although the Meindle look set to last 18 months this time.

All in all I'd say they are a good boot and I'd have another pair, I may try a pair of Chiruca scandinavia soon though but probably in tandem with the meindle.