Meindl Dovre resole


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Does anyone have any experience of having a pair of meindl dovre boots resoled?

In particular I'm keen to know whether it's possible to also have the rubber Rand replaced that runs around the bottom edge of the boot?



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I had a pair where the sole started to separate from the boot. Took them back to the shop & they sent them back & I got 2 re-soled boots at no charge. Very good service for a pair of old boots.


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I can second LSR from experience when I needed a pair of nearly new boots resoled as they had cracked up while stored.
LSR did what they say on the webpage - provided recommended options and a timescale, which they delivered to at a price cheaper than new boots.


Haggis Hunter

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I'd also recommend LSR. I understand a lot of the staff are ex Karrimor who had a really good repair department in their Accrington factory (before Sports Direct got a hold of the brand and moved all manufacture to the far east). Anyway, this lot have been fixing stuff for years and are based in sunny Burnley now.



norma 308

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I think altberg can do it, sure I read that somewhere
they resole thier own not sure they'd do the competition though .you must have given them some hammer I find the uppers go way before the sole ever looked part worn

Heym SR20

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Tisos in Edinburgh have an in house cobbler who can resolve and repair boots. I have 15 year old pair of Scarpa Mantas that are on their 2nd sole. He has also repaired the internal lining. They are winter boots with full rand etc.