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Hi all

I have been a member since December 2005

I've managed to buy a few things from good friends but unfortunately recently I purchased Lyman Gen6 powder dispenser from Shinigami.
This arrived well packaged until I opened it up and went through the set up procedure,when trying to calibrate it continuously shows errors. I have been in concert with the manufacturer and thy talked me through the warmup procedure and calibration with no luck. I have spent £212.00 on something that isn't working.
So please be ware when buying goods. I would have assumed that member Shinigami would have at least refunded the money or taken the goods back as stated in emails.

I'm sure that not everybody on this site is like this.


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I am not that sure,
I have tried several times to contact him with no luck shortly after my replies the threads stopped.


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I think that this is neither the place nor the manner in which to conduct such an enquiry. This is a matter for you to sort out between yourselves, especially as I have been contacted by you both with each complaining about the other. You could have had the good manners to allow me to reply to you before going public like this. We provide a platform for members to be able to buy and sell goods, other than that we have involvement in any transaction. Any further posts by you on this subject will be deleted, if you wish any further dialogue pleas do so via PM.