Mentors...but not of the certificate kind


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Re the Aich bone, if your selling your deer to a Dealer, just ask how he wants them presented, they may have different ideas

I sell my fallow to two GD’s and they both take them with Aich bone intact, but I clarified with them prior to supplying on the understanding they let me know if they want to change

If you use all your deer for personal consumption, stick to what you prefer

When I used to split the bone on Roe years ago I’d clear out the passage and crack the bone with the same blade and inspect by cracking the bone open, if you want to do a bigger beast Fallow, Reds etc use a stainless back cutting blade to bring the debris out of the carcase, if everything is good - no need to do you can inspect the cavity easily enough on the larger species

In all honesty, I wouldn’t think leaving the bone intact providing your gralloch, hygeine, Larder and processing were all good and the beast processed in good time, it would cause any problem


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I’ve learned something, good or bad, from all the ghillies and stalkers I’ve been out with over the years.

I’ve taken away something from all the courses I’ve been on too.

You never stop learning. Good “pros” and mentors don’t either.