Sold: Meopta Meostar R2 2.5-15x56 RD

Drew 3

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As above, brought new by myself on 10/8/17 from Swillington Shooting Supplies for £1239 (Original sales receipt included). Scope is in as new condition and comes boxed with all paperwork including 30 year transferable warranty.
Has been used on my .243 which has not seen a lot of use as it's my 2nd rifle. Shipton Gun Room has this scope in stock for £1295 and an E bay lister for £1365 so £775 posted is a bargain!!
Only selling as looking to buy the new side parallax version to use with an add on night vision.


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Brilliant scope. Can’t believe no one has bitten your hand off at that price. If anyone is looking for a scope which is about as good as it gets in low light, go and watch Richard Uttings review and then come back and buy this.

Drew 3

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Hopefully yes. Not seen any for sale in this country yet but need a scope with parallax adjustment that will work with a Pard 007. I enjoy top quality glass so will research what’s available 1st.

Kernow Stalker

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I’ve got this scope on my .243 and a Swarovski z6i on my 6.5 x 55 and to be totally honest there’s little difference if any. Fantastic scope at an affordable price.