Mercy mission


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I had decided a few weeks ago not to bother taking any bucks during the rut and concentrate on improving my pigeon shooting skills. I planned to go out with the camera instead. The first morning I managed to get a few pics of a couple of bucks, but hadn't mastered the camera.
On another afternoon I went to another farm and to cut a long story short after seeing nothing came across a buck in a hedge running along a stream about 10 yards from where I had parked. He didn't seem to be moving very well but I didn't get a good look at him. Later on that evening I went back with the camera and spotted the buck again, in the same spot. I watched him for a bit and whenever he tried to browse above his head he fell over. As he was in long grass I wasn't able to get a good look at him but as soon as he moved a bit I could see what looked like a tail??? sticking out of his back end. I got in a bit closer and could see that his far haunch was bent right back with his leg sticking out at 90 degrees.
I headed back for the rifle and he was still in the same spot when I returned. Got in to about 10 yards and managed to see the top of his head in the long grass. So a head shot finished him off. He was in a bad state, very thin with the inside of his other rear leg all scabed over. Looked like he had been in a RTA and I don't think that he would have made it much longer.
Anyway heading back to the pickup I spotted a fox which I shot. Returning from picking it up I spotted another so shot that and then about 10 mins later got another. None were bothered by the previous shots.

I have attached a couple of the pics that I got of the other bucks.


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Well done.

Once went to our ground to "fix" a padlock. I did not take a rifle.

Whilst dicking about fixing the lock, a Buck with a very bad leg came out of the woods and across the field to my front. He was about 60 yards.
I was unarmed, and had to sit and watch him as he hobbled away to die in agony. I have never felt such frustration and anger with myself.

Now, no matter the task, whenever I go out, I take a rifle.