For Sale: Merkel Helix 300wm, Fluted Barrel


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I have decided to sell one of my Merkel Helix rifles, in 300wm. The rifle is immaculate.

The Helix is an excellent driven boar rifle, with a very short bolt cycle, and the barrel is easily removed for travelling.

It's based on the "Alpinist", with the adjustable cheek riser, but also the larger factory bolt knob, and fluted barrel, thread cut. It has a 3 round magazine.

I bought it for driven boar, but prefer the 9.3x62, and this rifle just isn't getting used. I don't know exactly what the round count is, but well below 100.

I home load, and have very accurate loads in Norma Oryx 165, & 180gn, see load testing below.

It currently has a Swarovski Z4i 2.5-10 x 56 mounted on a Ziegler claw mount. The mounts alone are £460.00 to buy.

I will only consider selling the scope, & or mounts, if the rifle is sold first.

I would like the following prices.

1) Merkel Helix 300wm rifle on it's own. £2500.00

2) Merkel Helix 300wm, with Swarovski Z4i 2.5-10 x 56, and Ziegler claw mounts £3500.00

Please check with your FLO to see what they require with regards to a variation. Because the rifle is modular, Hert's required it to be listed as a "barrel", "bolt", etc', with separate serial numbers, the same as with a Blaser barrel, and bolt face.

Face to Face, or Via RFD by agreement. Please PM me if you have any questions. Happy got to local permission for someone to test.