Merry Christmas and New Deer Stalking Permission


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Dropped off my yearly bottle of whisky to my friend and farmer and his friend was in and got talking, my mate had been talking to his friend about me and he asked if i could take care of some rabbits and fox, Needless to say i said no problem at all and my pal asked about the Roe on his farm and the other farmers wife looked at my map and coloured in their area and it takes in a big edge of a local forest and they said that i can also take care of the deer. GET IN THERE ANOTHER PERMISSION WITH DEER AVAILABLE.


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Excellent news... I took my bottle of whiskey over and got asked to get on the pigeons...not quite deer, but at least I have something to do during my 2 weeks off.


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Congrats Joed,
I always find if your ok with them and even ask if if they need a hand with stuff they will remember and the farmers and family are amazing with me as well. Win win for both of us.


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The person that's got the wood will need to make sure he shoots the deer before you do Chris lol.

Merry Christmas and well-done big man.
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