Mesh for Pheasant feeders


Hi Chaps

I am trying to find a material that I can fence in my hoppers to stop deer and badgers from access and basically emptying the feeders LOL
I was thinking of something like the steel mesh they use in Building foundations which will allow the birds to pass through freely but stop the larger mammals. has anyone come across or used a material that works well

thanks in advance


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IBC crates work well , as does reinforced steel for concrete , but do watch out for nasty bar sticking out of the later !!


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Stock mesh upside down will do in most cases, IBC cage is a good idea and one I use to keep sheep off, badgers are more difficult and a different feed system might be a better option, you can buy deer/badger proof feeder springs


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Pallets are the best.
3 work but 4 per feeder is best, remove the bottom timber and mibee a few higher up to let a bit of light in or cut holes to suit ur irds if trying to keep broc out

Tried most things in the past but found pallets to be the easiest and most readily available for free in the numbers u need.
And thats ther big problem no matter wot u use the sheer volume u need to protect all ur hoppers on a shoot

Stock net makes it hard to move hoppers in future and ur wire has to be very tight to stop larger deer pushing it to get at hopper.