Metallic cartridge reloading courses

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Sorry but I really fail to see why one would need to pay to go on a course to learn that which is explained in many good reloading manual ???

Perhaps folks are not as good at reading today? :rolleyes:


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Some people learn much better through being shown rather than reading about it. It's not about being able to read well or not.


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I personally think this is a good idea , it may not be for everybody but I would of loved this idea when I started reloading as I'm more a" monkey see monkey do "type

Good luck
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I taught myself to reload starting in the early eighties but if a school like this existed back then i would have jumped at it. Books can only teach so much, there is a lot of knowledge and experience that you can gain from other reloaders, plus a course like this would start a beginner out right. Safety first, velocity second, A rule i learned from an old guy who taught me a few things.