Midge hat/veil/net


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Going up Scotland in July. Looking for a good bit of midge protection. I'll be using smidge spray but I could do with a physical barrier in the form of a hat/veil/net any links or thoughts appreciated. Thanks


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Bushwear or smidge, you need the vet fine mesh . You also need gloves. If you are stationary a thermocell..
Yes and a bug coat, I've got one.


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Army insect head net on eBay for £4 or £5.
I'd 2nd this. I live and work in the north of Glasgow on a small estate just to the south of Loch Lomond....midges come here to die and when they do, the whole family comes to the funeral. A cheap eBay net, sprayed with smidge does the trick for 99% of the time.

That being said, we just bought 2 x midge monsters for the estate rental cottages. I simply can't believe how many of the little buggers have been swallowed by them in just over 2 weeks.


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A rather more expensive option - but fantastic for visibility… (and - purely in the mind - not feeling as claustrophobic. Apparently used on grouse moors a fair bit by guns too… in case you feel a spot of dual-purposing coming on…!) Nice sturdy case too - but you’d expect that for the price!


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If ur serious about being outdoor go for a whole midge jacket, covers ur arms too.

I bought a load midge net hoodies off Moray outfitting on here ( are they still on here? Not seen them for a while) years ago, bloody brilliant things.
Have they stashed everywhere at mine, kennels, sheds, van, pick up so i'm never far from 1 as i'm lucky enough to live in a midgie infested hell hole.
i had to wear it laying 4" blocks for my dog kennel and still good now years later, so pretty hard wearing

Smidge sort of works but if ur working and sweating can sting ur eyes.

I bought a thermacell last year, not sure if it works or not, not used it enough to say 1 way or other yet

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Cheap head nets from Amazon circa five pounds and keep those hands covered, i often put an army green mesh scalf over my head. It helps if you keep moving and don’t stand still……


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Buy a pickaxe handle - a good stout one. It won’t work on the midges but you will appreciate having it when next you meet the eejit who suggested the Midgelands in July!