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The midges up this neck of the wood have been unbearable this summer, horse flies no better. I have tried quite a few repellant over the years but sometimes the swarms become so severe nothing really works. Nevertheless my Mrs bought me a bottle of Boots own brand repellant the other day (Repel 50% deet) and without a shadow of a doubt it's the best I've ever tried ...highly recommended.

paul o'

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another thread running on this boys have a look at : Being eaten alive? - Thermacell Mosquito Repeller (SALE)

Bill Bartlett

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Midges have been tolerable this year - perhaps it is due to the lack of rain, but can't remember a year better than this. Early season stalking is normally a nightmare with the blighters - can't complain so far. But bxxxxr me the black flies have been terrible. Stags have been so restless with then that they will hardly stay out in the open long enough to stalk. Also, when a stag is down it feels like you are in Africa - swarms of the brutes - almost choked several times when swallowing them..... yuk!


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Been ok here although the odd evening when its been dampish they have been oot in force.As with Bill,compared to the last couple of years they have been pretty fine this year and presuming its due to the heat and dryness.
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