Sold: Midland Gun Company 16ga, Tula Hammer gun 16ga, W. Hensman 12ga and a Free Beretta 685..... Details inside!

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Midland Gun Company SxS 16ga DTNJ. Dating from circa 1941 at some point in its life it has had a professional stock repair, this was clearly done a long time ago and is absolutely solid. It was recently serviced and tightened on the action by UK Gun Repairs and it now feels like a new gun. Plenty of life left in it.
28” barrels, 2 ¾ chamber, Nitro proof. 14 ¼" stock. A lovely light gun for walked up shooting.
£150 ONO will RFD at cost to you
Important note – This gun has tight chambers making it a little finiky about cartridges. It does better with paper but you quickly get used to telling as you put them in whether you have a problem.

Tula TOZ-63 SxS hammer gun 16ga DTNJ. Dating from circa 1973 I am told this was originally an ‘example gun’ used by salesman to sell to shops. In very good condition and looks a lot older than it is (in a good way)! Very well-balanced gun perfect for walked up shooting. Definitely catches the eye on any shoot or at the clay ground. Very little wear to the barrels and clean bores.
There is a dink in the stock where I dropped the forend onto it getting it out the cabinet. This does not affect the use of the gun and maybe easily fixable if you were so inclined.
28” barrels, 2 ¾ Chamber, Nitro proof, Choked full and extra full, 14 ¾ stock. Sling Swivels.
£150 ONO will RFD at cost to you

W. Hensman SxS 12ga DTEJ
. W. Hensman is listed as being active between 1913 – 1920 in Boston Lincs. However the barrels are stamped as being sleeved in 1974. The sleeving has been very well done with the only signs (other than the proof marks) being the traditional ‘nick’ left in the rib. I believe it was probably restocked at the same time and remains a solid example of English gun making. A nice game gun that has clearly had money spent on it in the past. The barrels are a delicate chocolate brown with little wear and clean bores.
28” Barrels, 2 ½” Chambers, Nitro proof, choked ½ and ¼, 15” straight stock.
£200 ONO will RFD at cost to you

Beretta 685E 12ga STEJ o/u
. This gun is in need of some work and as such will be gifted, yes that’s right free. It was working fine up until a week ago when it jumped open a little when fired. The top locking pin appears to be damaged/broken inside the action. It would also need a new spring for the top lever. It is however still quite tight on the action. The barrels have some light surface pitting and a small dink in the rib, but bores are absolutely perfect. All of this could be easily sorted by a gun smith or taken on as a project but I lack the time and inclination to do so.
28” Barrels, 2 ¾" Chambers, Nitro proof, Fixed choke (I believe ½ and ¼), 14 ½ stock.
If you feel bad taking this for free then a donation to the RNLI could be made. - There is already interest in this gun so they have first refusal.

Feel free to make me an offer for all three. £450 would seal the deal.

I am selling up due to stopping shooting – I am willing to make (sensible) deals especially if buying multiple items and I have for sale a whole range. If anyone wishes to make an offer for everything (and I mean everything – guns, slips, cartridges, safe, cleaning kit – the lot) then something in the region of £820 would seal the deal. So a good rough/walked up/game starter setup with everything you need and a few esoteric guns for the cost of a second hand o/u. See my other listings for details.

More pictures on request.


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All 3 Available guns for sale for £500 including a GDK breakdown gun safe - easily fit 4 guns inside.