military Rifle Calibres outside the Uk?


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Can anyone help me by giving me a bit of advice as to if there is a problem with me proposing to take a 30-06 over to europe, as one of my know it all buddies-(you know the type) has advised me that there is a real big prob with taking a military calibre rifle into some europian countries.

Now I have had lots of europian guests over stalking with me in the last year with 30-06 or 7.62, 223 & so on from Germany & Denmark.

I would just like to have this question clarified for me if anyone can help-as I am in the process of replacing my estate rifle with a Sako 30-06 & intended to take her over to Europe Boar Hunting in the near future as the round is very suited with the larger grain bullets for the old eurohogs.

Regs Lee


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Military calibres are a definite no-no in a few European countries, particularly France. No Calibre, even obsolete ones, can be used for hunting in France. So this includes 30/06, 308, 223, 8x57, 6.5x55 and a few others I can't think off just now.

You may have issues with some calibres in Italy and Spain also, but I am not sure about that.

Certainly no problems as you travel east, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Czech Rep, Hungary etc your 30/06 or whatever is fine.


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Hi Lee,
I might be able to help more if you can be a bit more specific about where you want to hunt. I know the French don't like 30.06. The Italians I hunt with love the 30.06, it is probably their most popular round. I have a contact in Germany who could advise about their laws, but as I said you perhaps need to decide where you want to go first. Alternatively do as I did and get a 7x64. I haven't found any country who won't allow one in, thats basicaly why I chose it.


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Mark, that is pretty good advice.

The 7x64 seems to be very popular all over Europe.

Not much chance of factory ammo in the UK.

Heym SR20

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Dicksons in Edinburgh, Fife Field Sports in Kirkcaldy and Macloeds up in Tain all routinely stock 7x64 ammo. Possibly not as much choice as with other rounds. And in London J R Roberts & Sons carry most calibres - You may just have to go a wee bit further to get ammo and buy a few boxes at a time.

I too have come to the same conclusion as Buckup having done some research on the subject - France / Belgium don't allow any Military calibres. Some African countries also don't like military claibres - particularly the 303.


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30 06


Many thanks for the replys, I do already have a Sako 75 in 7x64 as the existing estate rifle & this is being givon to the chap that works for me as he is just having his section 1 granted-so I needed to replace her with somthing pretty much the same & this 30 06 has come up at the right price.

The only ammo I could get hold of here for the 7x64 was 150gr Sako & that was straight via GMK. However the guests that I have had over with that calibre seem to have a very wide choice open to them in europe.

If I do hunt Boar in europe it would probably be Poland or Albania I think anyway rather than France.

Best Wishes Lee


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HI. If you are going to Europe get RWS ammo.
They do an excellent H.-Mantel , 11.2 gram [173gr.] copper hollow-point.

I used this on Reds with excellent results.

You can also get the 11.2 gram Teilmantel [173gr.] round-nose softpoint or the 11.5 gram [177gr.] Original Brenneke-TIG.
All of these will sort out any piglets you may find.

I used RWS 12.1gr [187gr.] copper hollow points in my 8X68S the first time I went to Africa and they flattened everything I pointed it at but I had the ring of incompetence on my forehead for weeks afterwards.
It was too much gun for my scrawny frame.




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Well in Norway the only restrictions are that no semi-auto military type weapon
may be used for hunting. There is also a minimum muzzle energy at 100m
that restricts the calibre for hunting.

So if you want to go roe stalking with .50BMG then come over.
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