Milk or not!

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I have here a very interesting photo of a buck that I recently shot. You will see either side if the Pizle that there are 2 nipples. I have not seen nipples on a buck quite so prominent. When I squeezed each nipple a creamy discharge came out. What might this be? Is it possible to be a form of milk? The deer was around 3 years old and his antlers were very poorly formed. They were struggling to make 4 tines. I was wondering if it could have been some kind of hormone problem (along the lines of some does growing antlers)



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Hi Jingzy,
Have just noticed your buck photo. Could be mastitis. Fly nuisance, blue bag in cattle.
Male humans can get mastitis. Also cancer which is always fatal.
Initial thought oestrogen levels are higher in first stages of antler growth before testosterone kicks in. This is part of the reason they harvest velvet in NZ. Good money earner in Eastern trade.