Milk Price - ePetition Please sign

I. Farticus

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[h=1]Minimum milk price for farmers[/h]Responsible department: Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Many farmers are being driven into crisis as retailers slash the milk price further. This is to petition the government to set a minimum milk price payable to the Farmer to protect their business, livelihood & the future of the industry.


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daft thing is if they turned the tables on them and stopped supply until they agreed to a decent and fair price the supermarkets would crap themselves
costs a lot of money to bring in milk from abroad on a daily basis


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Done, hopefully somebody in the government will listen, could save a good few peoples jobs, houses, farms and marriages etc etc


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Done.Having milked cows a hundred years ago no amount of money would get me out there at 4am to do it again.