Mincing machine oil


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Just picked up a broken mincing machine and it has a plug on the top and it says check oil before starting.
Anyone know what oil is needed please.

There is no make or any numbers on the machine, it's just a stainless block of about 14"x12"x 12" and the stainless wormscrew and bits. I have not had one like this before.

Any ideas please


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Will veg oil not just gum it up?

Wd40, I don't like the smell, gt80 be ok?

I don't know anyone in the trade to get any.

So I need food save oil, eBay? What's the grade, any ideas?


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Just plain mineral oil (ie Baby Oil without the perfume) same as what you would put on a chopping board. You can buy plain mineral oil on ebay or Amazon (possibly a pharmacy or wood work shop) and its way cheaper than any branded product that is the same thing.

Using any kind of vegetable oil in an area that can't be completely cleaned after will just result in rancid oil gumming up the parts.