Minox ZX5i


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Anyone using the above scope and what’s your take on it?

I have just bought a pair of Minox BV binoculars and am very impressed with there ability for the price.


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In my experiences with Minox products (having owned and used over 15 years), for money, VERY good glass indeed and excellent focus/adjustment qualities.

Had a few bits come off some of mine, but Minox duly sent new bits to retrofit..lol..probably mostly due to me abusing the heck out of them and treating them like a shovel..and for that, I take my hat off to Minox!

I recommend highly at my end as a general product (I have not used this exact scope before I have to stress)


I bought one of these off Macleod a few months ago, great scope for the money. Fantastic vision on the edge of darkness to!


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I had the 5-25 on a rifle I have parted ways with, great scopes I am contemplating another rifle to put it on or let it go. Great scopes.


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Have used one daily for the past year on my crow splitter (..223 remington that I have in the truck everyday)...... I've never had any issues with it at all and it's been great under the lamp too for foxing. Excellent value for money .. especially the deal that Mcleods are doing. ..
In my honest opinion I wouldn't hesitate in buying one.
For the record I have Warne bases and medium Warne mounts on my rifle and enough clearance for a vortex lense cover.


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I bought one from Mcloeds and was initially impressed with it but I have to say ,I have bought a used ,like new ,Zeiss Conquest iLL 3-12-50 and on comparing, the Zeiss is so much sharper and crystal clear.It is a good scope but still put my money on the Zeiss!