Misty Morning


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After four or five weeks of heavy travel for work I finally had the chance to get out this morning with the camera. It was a beautiful morning, with some light mist and dew on the grass.

Walking with the dogs down the track to where I normally see the roe, sure enough there were a couple of youngsters out in the field. Taking the path to the cornfield so that I could get a bit closer to them, by the time I got in position they'd gone through the hedgerow and into the cornfield itself.

Moving carefully I could see that one of the youngsters - a buck - was snacking on the corn:

Beyond them I could see a buck and doe also enjoying the corn, and after a while they all moved back into the original field. Sneaking back through I spent the best part of an hour waiting and hoping they'd come closer, or at least move to a position where the sun wasn't almost directly behind them, but the best I got were the following: