Mitsubishi L200 Warrior- Alarm going off at night.

Jon P

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Hi- Have a L200 warriors 2018 plate- 36,000 miles on clock- Alarm has started to go off at night - first time last week in woods and I in tent next too it- so no one tampering with it. Second time , tonight parked outside the house- I have just opened bonnet and closed firmly as had read somewhere that the sensor on Bonnet can be an issue . Any suggestions?
my 17 plate barbarian does it to now and again, no idea why either, not often enough to bother me, i also read the bonnet thing, and something about the hardtop opening, i just open and slam them shut when it does it
Is the windows open at all? If I ever leave the windows cracked and lock it then it always goes off.
Same in my Hilux, almost sold the car because of it. It’s unbearable. Worst when back from a long drive and it’s a cold wet or damp/moist night with humidity. Tried removing the bonnet sensor, didn’t help. Tried hitting the car with a big stick, didn’t help.

It stopped doing it and has been behaving for a while, thankfully.

I hate car alarms, pointless and doesn’t stop some prick stealing your car if they really want to. In fact, I’d rather risk having my car stolen than endless nights waking up every 10 minutes to turn the MF off
To follow on, I think one of the reasons it doesn’t happen at night anymore is because I don’t lock my car. Only times it’s locked is if there’s something FAC related inside, and that’s not at night. Even parking it in bigger cities, never lock it.
Does it only do it in summer? I wonder if the hot day, cooler night temperature change is enough to set it off
With my vehicle- I have only had this vehicle 5 months - only happened twice 2 am in morning on 18/5/24 and 10 pm 21/5/24 , it was a warm one on the Saturday but nothing extraordinary on the Tuesday.