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Wanted: Mitsubishi Outlander


Well-Known Member
Does any body have one of these for sale?

Looking for an earlier 2l model either the car or van with seats.


norma 308

Well-Known Member
check underneath not much in the way of underseal I looked at an 08 18 mths ago gr8 on top not good below
wax oiled my L200 that had just a bit of primer


Well-Known Member
There's a Peugeot and Citroen that are practically the same as the earlier outlanders, with French engines (not a bad thing when diesel) but built by Mitsubishi, but as a peculiarity seem to be better value.

might be worth looking for them. Nearly bought one a few months ago and wish I had.



Well-Known Member
I know a chap who has a commercial one for sale.... but he's based in Derbyshire .. a bit of a trek from Anglesey.
It's a good price though so worth a trip.
I can get you his number if you like?

I'm running a 2008 2 litre one...... liking it a lot.


Well-Known Member
I have bought the van Monarman posted about so sorted now.

Another good transaction with SD members.

Thanks to all those involved.