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Hi all,

I am aware that the point of aim on most rifles will be different when shot with a mod on and off, but does anyone have any experience of a rifle changing point of aim after the mod has been taken off then put back on?

The reason I ask is that I zeroed my Tikka 595 with PES mod back in February, then took it out that evening and took 2 roe no problem. On the advice of the stalker I was with, I removed the mod overnight to allow any trapped gases to escape without affecting the bore.

I fired at 2 more deer that trip without success, the misses being put down to me. After another trip with a couple of less than satisfactory shots, a morning on the range showed that the rifle was shoot 3 inch to the right and 3 inch low. To my mind the rifle has not taken any knocks that could have put the scope out.

Can removing the mod been changing the point of aim? I have left it on after the last zeroing session, but I always try to look after my kit and would prefer to strip the rifle and mod down after each trip.




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if it is a floating barrel then is it pos that the barrel is a bit lose and has mover the fraction of a inch to trough the zero off


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mod removal

i have experienced on a couple of occasions when i have been in the snow and taken it of to put on top of a heater over night as it condensates when you bring it in doors . But dont know until you miss ore wound something with your next shot . A friend of mine says his moves every time he takes it of both of us use t8 . Is there a solution out there some body may have ? .


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Hi novice,
I have heard other people talk about this, and also about the unreliability of wildcat mods :rolleyes: . I have one, but I don't subscribe to the theory myself, although it might just be I'm lucky with my combination.
Don't become over mystified with this it is very simple to check. Put a group in the target. Remove mod and refit. Put another group in and see if there is any movement. If you still need more convincing, clean the rifle and leave it overnight before returning to the range with the mod refited and check again. You may have a problem, but this way you will know for sure one way or the other.
Kind regards and good luck,


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Hows the bush? Have you had the thread checked? Is it not bedding home on the thread properly? Have you tried it without the mod? It could be another problem e.g. mounts! I had a similar problem with my sako and found the rear mount was gubbed! Are you homeloading? Again I caused probs due to my loads. Is the barrel floated with enough clearance? Just some thoughts mate work through it 1 by 1 untill you get the answer.



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Thanks for the pointers gents. I intend to take some time out next time we head up to my mates ground to out some rounds through the rifle and ring the changes on the mod to see if I can identify the factors altering the zero.
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