Moderator advice please

Buck commander

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Hi all

i am just about to purchase a browning x bolt .270 and would like some advice on a good moderator for this rifle.

What is the best choice? not really wanting to spend more than £300

iv been looking at the

trident suppressor

ase utra s series

ase utra jet z

a tec

If anyone knows of anything better I'm all ears.



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In your price range I would say go for a fully stainless steel one, and the ASE Utra SL5 is about the only fully stainless one available.

The weight range between the three SL5 models (.223/6.5/.30) is 390g to 430g, considerably lighter than the Jet-Z (493g-514g)and similar to most of the hybrid moderators (aluminium with stainless). The A-Tec Maxim (hybrid) weighs around 460g, and even their new Carbon Mod weighs 360g.

I am not sure how carbon will react to prolonged exposure to gunfire residue?

If lightness is an issue then you could buy a CMM4 or a Roedale, and with the Roedale you do get the opportunity to by modules with stainless inserts if you think your calibre might induce flash cutting in the basic aluminium models. But the modules from either make are not expensive if you do need to replace one, or two.

I do not know how much the Hardy mods are going for but the Aim-Zonic is at the very top end of your budget, but you might get a deal on one and they do have a five year guarantee.

It really is horses for courses, you might need a really light moderator? Or you might want a reflex one?

But my personal choice, based on my own experience and that of friends, given the constraints of your buget, would be the SL5.



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I am very pleased with my Spartan reflex mod by Third Eye Tactical.

Has now has around 300 rounds through it and is unmarked.


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had a wildcat moderator on my 270 did not like it went back to the old faithful t8 moderator


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I have a PES 12 on a .243 and a Hardy gen 4 on a 7mm rem mag. The PES seems quieter but the Hardy is a LOT lighter and has a built in muzzle break. One thing with the Hardy is that the break makes it nice for the shooter but not so nice for the guy next to you - my brother has complained that it generates a fair amount of muzzle blast.

***Of course, the sound difference and muzzle blast will be at least partly down to the caliber, so this is probably not a fair comparison***.

All I can say is that when I buy another, then it will be a Hardy (and they're about £240).


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I guess we all have our favourites that do the job, well at least at the minute until we think we have found something better my current go to mod is the A-tec maxim so far so good I currently really like it.


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TBH I think you are going to have to give some a go until you get one that satisfies you.

​I use an ASE on a 270 and it does the job ok but weighs a bit. The trouble is, some calibre's moderate better than others and IME the 270 is one of the worst. I've tried a fair few and so far have yet to find a definite winner.

Good luck.