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devon deer stalker

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Hi All
This is my first post, i have been deer stalking for nearly 15 years and as my user name states, i am based in mid devon.
I am considering getting a moderator for my Sako 75, any suggestions would be very welcome.
Question,once the moderator is fitted, is it wise to leave it in place or remove it after each outing, or does this affect the zeroing?
I have read some post's regarding the Harris Bi pod on synthetic stocks.
I had a similar problem with my Sako, the stock came into contact with the barrel when fitted with the bipod,sending the odd shot off target.
I overcame this by not over tightening the bi-pod onto the stock.
Also don't hold the fore-end when shooting,this just adds to the problem.
Never had a problem since.


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Hello and welcome devon deer stalker :D

Once you put a moderator on, you will not want to go back, they make it a lot more pleasurable to use, lack of recoil and noise etc.

I currently use a PES, on my tikka .243 but was originally on my old .270 about 3 years ago.
I have a wildcat on my existing .270, but have still to try it out. :rolleyes:

The PES is one of the more common ones along with T8 and T12s as i say i have not got round to trying my wildcat out yet so can`t comment on them. No doubt you will have other input from this friendly site. :D
I have always taken my mods off when not in use and have never had problems with my zero after putting them back on, but if you do leave it in place make sure you either take the bolt out during storage, which should be done anyway, or at the very least leave the bolt open, as after usage can create condensation and ultimately rust the barrel.

Hope this helps :D


Nick Gordon

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Afternoon, Richard, and welcome to the forum.

I use a Sako 75 .308 heavy barrel fitted with a T8 Reflex moderator and have no problems with either.

Out of curiosity I took the moderator off after I zeroed the rifle and found no appreciable difference in the point of impact at 100 yards.

Taking the moderator off after an outing then putting it back on has no effect either.

It is the same story with the Harris bipod which I use also.

Apparently the barrel harmonics of a free floating heavy barrel are less likely to change because of these.

A mate using a Sako .308 with a hunting barrel has a different point of impact of at least 2" depending on if the moderator is fitted but the differnce is consistent. Taking the moderator on and off deos not change the zero in his case either.

Hopefully this is of some help.



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A-TEC sound mod would suit you best, they are lighter than
anything else, quiet as a T8 and wont rust.

Weight wise they are just over 500g and 10" long but like the T8 sleeve over the barrel.


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Hello Richard and welcome.

I use a T8 on three of my rifles, 222, 243 and 6.5x55, the same one for all three. No Sako's two CZ's and a BRNO, but I have not noticed any trouble with the accuracy, I always remove the moderator and give it a squirt of WD40.



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hi richard and welcome
i use a T8 on my 30-06 and never looked back , i take my T8 off after every outing and only clean it ,if it was used, squirt of WD40 and leave it stood up to drain and dry, never had a problem with my harris by-pod like others, so ,so far so good, touch wood


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Hi I have a Harris Bipod on my Tikka synthetic stock with no problems
and the moderator makes a hell of a difference.


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Harris bipod, and widcat mod. both great, no probs with taking off and putting back mod, although I've heard horror stories from others. I wonder how many of these are just in the mind of the shooter? Expect a problem, and life will surely throw one at you! All you can do is shoot it and see. My Sauer moved about 4" at 100yds when I fitted the mod. Re zeroed and thats that, job done.


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Hi Richard, I have a Sako 75 S/S which is fitted with a PES. I rarely remove the moderator but when I do it has never seemed to alter the zeroing. Although a little sceptical of moderators at first I am now a complete convert and it really makes the rifle a delight to use.


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I have a T8 on my Tikka T3, and it works well, it does however totally ruin the natural balance of the rifle, and I hate it because of that, however I always use it, as it really does shut the damn thing up.
For fox shooting it's totally priceless.

It will also save your ears from sound damage.
Don't use as bipod, as the gun is heavy enough already, I use a piece of cut hazel, with a V at the top, I can always add another bit to make a tripod if I want and then leave it all in the hedge for when I am that way again.

Heym SR20

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I am in two minds about moderators and don't currently use one on the 243. I am only ever looking to take out one beast at a time - my kitchen table and freezer can only cope with one at a time. My Heym does have a 24 inch barrel, and the 243 is a quite quiet round - certainly I don't notice it when shooting, nor any recoil.

I do shoot close to a village, and there are a number of horses grazing on the ground, but last year I only took four shots and yes the horses are spooked for a couple of minutes, but no more than a walker going through their field or whatever. They are also spooked by a silenced .22 with subsonic ammo.

Interestingly I have never seen a deer grazing in the same field as the horses.

A moderator does seem expensive both in terms of cost, but also weight and it really unbalances the rifle - but am sure that some rifles probably handle better with a moderator on than off - certainly the Styr Scout is one that seems designed for a moderator. And can fully understand how those who have bigger culls to achieve, particularly on the hill can use a moderated rifle to great effect.

As to Bipods - for a long time I relied without one, using pack, coat, binoculars and target sling as a steady support. I now have a B-Square bipod on the rifle and wouldn't be without it. The B-Square is not as good as the Harris, but it is very much lighter. But I do find I spend time faffing trying to find the perfect spot to rest the bipod - especially so on uneven ground - whereas in the past I would have just got on and taken the shot.

But a stable Bipod does mean that longer shot on the hill is actually very easy.

But all my Roe have been taken off shooting sticks at well under 100 yds and the bipod is just unnecessary.

Heym SR20

devon deer stalker

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Many thanks for all your replies.
My friend has just purchased a .243, it will be fitted with a PES.
When it comes back from the proof house i will give it a try.
What a friendly and helpful forum this is.


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Hi Devon Deer Stalker,

I've got a .243 T3 with a PES moderator fitted to it is reasonable quiet, problem I have with the PES T12 is that it's a 30 cal moderator fitted to a .243 rifle, as I've noticed that my PES is slightly noiser than a .308 fitted with a T8 I suspect it's because I have a 30 cal mod on a .243 rifle.

Also got a ASE JetZ fitted to a 30cal and its very quiet and tiny compared to the PES also available in loads of different thread types.

Both moderated rifles are very accurate both will put rounds throught the same hole at 100M.
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