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Can some of you point me in the right direction. I want a moderator for a PH .270 with a 24 inch barrel. I thought I wanted a T8 but have heard a Wildcat is the same size but lighter.
So is being lighter an advantage or is having a heavier muzzle an advantage.
Is the Wildcat any less robust. Is one quieter than the other.
What are your experiences.
Thanks Tom


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I have both a T8 and a wildcat. The T8 is both lighter and quieter than the wildcat. Facts born out in a Sporting Rifle article a couple of months ago. However the wildcat strips down for cleaning and they selll spares so it should last longer. T8s tend to rot where they are welded.
Hope it helps and happy hunting.


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rot only if you are lazy and dont look after it!!!
i know of forestry rangers who have had t8's for years now with no bother. and they shoot alot!!!!
the more carbon build up inside the better they perform, just a squirt of wd40 after each outing and they are fine!!!


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i have two T8s, what i tend to do is after use put them on a hot radiator get them nice and warm or even hot, they dry out perfect. Then a bit of WD40 inside. When not in use i do not leave them on the rifle. I wrap them in an oily rag. I have had them about 6 years and they still look in very good condition.

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I have a ATEC on my tikka 270 very quiet and you can strip it down to kleen, it had a good right up in the sporting rifle!!! but my mate uses the t8 its horses for courses ;) ;) :confused: :confused: :confused:



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Can't comment on the T8 as I have not used one but have seen a burst one at a gunshop which was enough to put me off although I have friends who have used them successfully for a few years. I have just fitted a Wildcat on my .243 and whilst it has made the rifle muzzle heavy I am happy with the reduced sound and recoil. The rifle also shot slightly tighter groups after re zeroing it.


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Have you thought about the ASE JET Z compact. Myself and my mate have them. Very good build quality and QUIET.
My mate had a T8 but it blew out onto the barrel, yes he did oil it after every trip.


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I have a T8 on my tika .270 and its totally transformed the rifle , can shoot all day now with no harsh recoil or anything, also better if you can put a neoprene sock over the moderator, stops them being tinnier sounding.


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Amberdog said:
I have a ATEC on my tikka 270 very quiet and you can strip it down to kleen, it had a good right up in the sporting rifle!!! but my mate uses the t8 its horses for courses ;) ;) :confused: :confused: :confused:


I also have a A-Tec on my 270, I also have a T8 as well, the A-tec is far better engineered and much lighter than the T8 or Wildcat. The Wildcat is calibre sensitive by reports in the shooting press. I am not sure they do a specific 270 one so you might find yourself with a 30 cal one. :rolleyes:

Spend a little extra money and buy once is my advice. My money went on a A-Tec. ;)

Best rgds



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Fired 1000's ever yr through the t8, no probs, must admit only ever squirt a bit of wd now and then , I leave the mod on all the time.
Although I do fancy 1 of these smaller compact 1's. , any comments on these?

Worst thing that I was ever told was "these new ss, synthetic rifles are great , you don't need to clean them!"

so I don't :eek: :eek: :eek:


i have an ase utra not the compact one and it is absolutly brilliant in the noise reduction stakes. can make the gun a little front heavy as it does not slieve over the barrel and you can't strip it down to clean but the build quality is superb. Also reduces the recoil massively.

Personally i would steer clear of the T8 due to the build quailty and the ringing noise you get when they are used which in my experience the deer react to more then the ase.

Either way isn't the .270 a stunning calibre.


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I've got the larger of the ASE Utra's on my .270 Sako 85. I choose this mod for the short length of the moderator and build quality.

The extra weight is not a problem if using sticks, high seat or a good bi-pod all take the strain. In addition the noise and recoil reduction are fantastic.

It's down to money, personal preference and advise...


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I agree with all the comments on the T8 - have had one on my .308 for about 5 years and absolutley no problems. (stalking in 3 of the wettest counties in Britain!) In the winter I unscrew it - squirt of WD and store it seperatley.
Tried other, slimmer versions (and although they handle nicely) on my .243 for a friend who is a dealer and they aren't up to the T8 for sound and recoil moderation.


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Have I got the wrong end of the stick,when I think I may have read that someone was of the opinion that ase were producing mods in .270 as well as .25 & .30 cal?
Sounds a bit far fetched to me,but by all means correct me.


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I would certainly chase them. when people talk about having a Moderator fitted what they mean is they are getting the rifle barrel threaded and sent for proof and the delrin bush turned out to fit the barrel profile.
That is all, it does not take the length of time yours has or is taking.


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Fingers crossed this could be the last but one post on this thread, the proof house via my dealer have said I should have it back today. I have had a quiet night at work so will go and get it as soon as its back. Fingers crossed, double crossed even.
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