Moderator for 6.5-284...............what do you use?


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Hi, I now have a 6.5-284 barrel for my Blaser rifle, the Mae mod on it is so much more noisy than the T8 on my .3006 could anyone suggest a replacement that's as good as a T8?
What do you use?
There seems to so many out there but how do I know what's going to work!


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Is it 15x1 spig ?

whats the exit hole diameter ? On the mod It could be larger than it needs to be if yours is a 30cal mod with a 10mm + hole that will be louder than with an 8mm exit hole

this is only relevant if you use one mod with one barrel so caliber specific that would be the quietest combination within reason

if you want a mod to fit your 3006 and 6.5 well unfortunately you can't have it quiet on both


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It's not a 6.5-284, but on a .260AI I use a Jet-Z compact. I also use this on a .308 and .300, it works equally well on all the rifles.


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Jetz, SL5, or Northstar.

I've shot using the three of them and to my mind they are as good as moderators get.