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This has probably been done to death but....

just looking through the the classifieds and I notice there are moderator parts for sale.
does anybody know what the legal position is regarding this? I mean if I was to strip down say an atec mod and sell the individual components would they necessarily have to be on ticket or only at the point they are assembled as a full moderator?


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I've always been under the impression that any component part of a firearm is a firearm in it's own right.
Not quite. For example the stock is not, but the barrel is. For tonight's homework, research what parts of a rifle need to be on a certificate.

As for moderators, things are a tad different. For example, you could have exactly the same moderator on your air rifle as you do on your .22 rimfire, but only the one on the .22 needs to be on your certificate.

But when you get into discussing parts of parts of rifles, things are a little more fuzzy. For example, an iron site on top of your barrel is part of that barrel, but by itself isn't a firearm. The same is true of, say, a spring that might form part of the action. Should that spring break, you would take it along to a gunsmith who would replace it. No faffing about applying for a variation to replace the spring! I would say the same applies to a moderator. If a baffle needs changing in your moderator, then I would think you could quite happily crack on, get the bit needed and swap it. of course the complete moderator continues to be, as it was before, subject to being on your certificate.


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When I bought my DPT moderator, I was told that the body of the moderator had to be entered on the FAC, but things like extra baffles could be added or replaced without it being entered. It seems that baffles and end caps could be easily changed to a different calibre, where the threads allow.


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You can buy all parts of a modular moderator and have it sent in the post . If you want to assemble it and put it on a rifle you will need to put it on your FAC using a suitable slot.

Legally speaking tho I doubt any suppliers would


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I've always been under the impression that any component part of a firearm is a firearm in it's own right.
There are AFAIK defined 'components' that are subject to certificate control in their own right.

Moderators as we usually understand them (i.e. the detachable sort, in whose absence the rifle works perfectly well but more noisily) are clearly defined in law by their being 'an accessory to' a S1 firearm. This suggests that whatever else they may be, they are not 'component parts' of a firearm.

Moderators that actually are a component of a rifle (like on a De Lisle carbine, for example) do not require a separate entry on the FAC from the rifle they're a part of.


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component parts are not on FAC i have many baffles tubes etc & they are only qualify to be on your licence if assembled ive also posted parts around the UK to friends legally to convert their old mods to new calibres, & yes in the case of firearms only the pressure bearing parts are FAC so as in a Blaser you only need to lock away the barrel & bolt face, a friend has 2 Blaser rifles with 6 barrels & only a take down cabinet for storage.