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anybody any knowledge on mods are some makes better than others. i was thinking of using one for zeroing my rifle,but not for stalking.would the point of impact change


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Hi, could well have a different point of impact with the mod off of the rilfle, the reason is due to a change in the barrel harmonics due to the loss of the weight of the mod , the barrel moves as the shot is taken and resonates by design..thats why the barrel beingin contact with the forend of the rifle, for example by using a Harris bi-pod, can cause a problem..that was the fault withthe Mk 1 Steyr Prohunters, hope that helps, mate


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thanks cervus
looks like i will have to leave it on for stalking or ,not buy one and put up with the noise and recoil, mmhh!

Andy L

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I have a mod on my .243. I use it all the time as the point of impact is 3" high and 1" to the right when I fire the rifle without the mod. I don't know of any moderator that does not effect the poi if you remove it or add it to the rifle without re-zeroing. If one exists, I would like to her about it.


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i have a t8 on my 3006. 9 times out of ten i can see the bullet strike but it makes the rifle front heavy and even heavier with a harris bipod, my mate has a pes full lenghth sleeve on his 7mm which makes it very evenly balanced, shop around and definately look and handle as many different moderated rifles as possible i love my t8 but i love his 7mm even more when on a long hike hope this helps stone


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thanks for your comments ,i looked on a mod site and the t8 looked good in the write up but like you say a sleeved mod balances the rifle ,i think i will have to sleep on it before i decide wich way to go


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I have a T8 which is very quiet but having looked at a number of the new crop of moderators the ASE UTRA looks to me to be one of the smallest that does the job well. Thats what I will be having on my nextrifle or barrel.



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Devish Dave is right about the ASE UTRA S5, I have one on each of my Sako 75s and theyare compact, and very effective, probably a little snappier in the sound attenuation than the T8 but not at all uncomfortable to use..I thinkthe reflection of the sound from say a surrounding tree line or similar gives that impression of a higher defined moderated sound but at 650grams and with the solid construction I can live with that, and they do not rust or ring mark the barrel at the bushing..a pull through with a Bore-Snake and some WD40 is all I do and no corrosion and consistent kit IMHO


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Wildcat mods

High Tommy, I've just got a wildcat for my Sauer 202. Within hours of buying it two stalkers told me I'd made a mistake as theirs had been unreliable, and threw fliers from time to time. I've had it on for a few weeks now and am still delighted with it. I'm no marksman, but all my shots at 100yds are well within a 2" circle, and for me thats good enough. Three fallow and a fox all between 50 and 100yds haven't complained. Haven't used any others, but I'd vouch for this one.
All the best.


Don't get one unless you have to are my thoughts. Proffesional useage excluded. got one in the safe - i rarely use now. to heavy, too many carry issues like length inside hides / high seats. And if you ever have to stop a wounder on the hoof the handling and swing of your carefully designed and balanced rifle will be so badly effected it will be pure luck if you nail it.


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hi kent you never said what make of mod you hav? but my t8 may be a bit front heavy as i hav previously mentioned but it only puts 3&half inches on my brno 3006 so not a problem in high seat as it sticks out the front but atleast my ears are not ringing after a zeroing session. but like anything new or different you hav to give it chance and practice i am sure you hav more than 1 rifle and i bet they are not all the same weight or style so untill you hav had a bit swing practice you may never get used to having a mod on ,by the way i am sure some one may be interested in taking your mod of your hands if you were to advertise it on this site at the right price


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Hi Guys

I have a PES mod which is great for fixed point/grouping /high seat shooting but I dont use it for hunting much. I prefer my rifle to be shorter and lighter especially where the terrian gets harsh and snap shooting necessary.



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Hi Tommy,
Your rifle will shoot differently when you fit a moddie than it did without, but a good moddie shouldn't affect zero when you remove it for cleaning and put it back on the rifle. I use an A10 which I have no problems with other than having to keep a close eye on the retainer nuts (I try not to put my eye too close when I shoot!).
I can't see what people have against moddies for stalking, they help accuracy and the shots disturb other deer less. They hardly weigh anything, don't really upset balance (your stance, hold on the rifle, and excitement do more of that) and the little bit of extra length isn't really any hassle at all even in tight cover.
I wouldn't shoot without one now, on the range or stalking.
Keep it tight!


i have a T8, and yes you guessed i have five rifles. if you are zeroing without extra protection you will be damaging your hearing needlesly the sonic crack alone can do a good old job on those lugholes alone! The moderator has it's uses and benifits - foresry commision work / foxing at night / some comercial deer culling applications. but for recreational Deer my opinion is the cons outway the pros. Those few exra inches make a difference traveling through rough ground and poking it through the window of a hide. I have to say the only moderated full bore i have ever handled that handled well was designed that way from the outset, sorry but thats how i feel personally.
Best advice save the money on the screw cutting and buying a moderator and get a bit more stalking in instead- i garantee you will get more deer stalking more often than hanging lumps of metal off you barrel.
The T8 aint for sale though, it does have uses, recreational stalking aint one of them though


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I agree with Kents post above...

I have a T8 in the cabinet that I have sworn never to use again on my Sako (or any rifle come to that).
Sporting rifles arent designed for silencers... and it knocks tha balance all to bits.... mind you... i'm as deaf as a post now ;)


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Luv em or hate em, moderators are here to stay for the time being.

As for unblancing a rifle, well thats true, but unlike most places in Europe taking a running shot is not the done thing, unless you really have to, so I dont really see how the unbalancing part comes into it too much?

From my own personal point of view I like them, and just about everyone I know has one. I have 7 rifles but only 3 moderated, and one of those is a 22 rim fire so I suppose that does not count. It does keep the ground settled and the deer as well, and I think this helps a great deal, especially if you are managing a large number of deer.

But I also like to hear the rifle go off now and again, and for that I use my 375HH, Lovelllly ;)