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Hi Guys,
I know you have been down this road before a year or so ago but wondered if anything has changed! I have a Sako 85 in 223 and need a moddy for it. I am using a jet-z compact on my H-S Precision 243 and find it good. I believe there is now a CQB made by the same people, suitable for 223 and wondered if any of you have tried one. I am trying to keep the weight down so am steering clear of the brs. Any of your thoughts would be appreciated. Incidentally the Sako is threaded 14x1. Cheers.


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Wildcat Predator,

Phone Andrew up and let him know what you want they will then post to RFD. They have a 14-1 threaded insert, you could also purchase whatever thread requirments you have and he can supply the part, 1 moderator, several rifles, very good service.

Totally stripable, which when you fire 10 rounds through it, you wonder what the T8 or similar non strip moderators look like and just how much cack is in them.

I have 2 one on my .243 and one on my .308


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I have just bought my first ever new rifle and was told by everyone that the T8 was the one to go for
I asked about the wildcats and was told they were not as quiet?


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They are not ,but the difference is hardly discernable by the mark 1 ear.
The Predator makes up for it with looks, strippability, and the fact it is made from Aircraft alloy instead of mild steel which gives it the edge.
The predator is a bit more expensive but with a bit of haggling I'm sure you could get it down to the same price as a T8.
I have had a T8 for eleven years and used it extensively without a great deal of care and attention and I cannot fault it.
I know many people that have them and are of the same opinion as myself but have heard one or two horror stories which I find hard to believe based on my own experience but that does not say they are not true.
I think if there is going to be a problem with a T8 it will probably be bits of weld floating around inside which can be shaken out or rust due to being out in the rain, but again can be seen on the outside and wiped with an oily rag, as for rusting on the inside, well, mine is still OK so it must take some time!!


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A-Tec :- lighter and quieter than any of the others, little more money but not a lot. ;) Like your rifle buy the best and have no regrets.

Best rgds



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Have a look at the ASE Jet Z is quieter than a T8 and PES T12 lighter and not as big.


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Well I picked mine up today all shiny and attached to the now screwcut rifle I was unaware most factory screwcut now cost me an extra 65 quid trust me to get an uncut one...grr
In retrospect would poss have looked at wildcat more deeply it is a nice thing

Anyway T8 looks nice will tell you on sunday what it sounds like
good luck with whichever you choose.


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wildcat predator 8

Hi guys i am a newbie to this forum and just thought i would let you know of my experience with the wildcat predator 8.
well i am sorry to say that this is not worth the escallated price and as for being a T8 contender it has not got a chance.
i fitted a new wildcat to a .22/250 and it was next to useless it decreased the crack of the round by 5% if that now i know what your thinking .22/250 is a really fast bullet i load my own ammo and it has a MV of just under 4000 fps so as you can imagine i needed to tame the noise a little i had the wildcat on the rifle for 1 outing then promptly returned it to my RFD who shot my gun with the predator and the fired again with the T8 the difference is incredible the T8 is 3 times quiter.

so i am now the owner of a new T8 and the wildcat is winging its way back to the makers as we speak

hope this has helped

cheers sean

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Had the same experience as Seankent, but in my case with a Jet-z I was persuaded to try. Now back with the trusted T8. OK, they may have a few faults, but they work!

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Does anybody know the web address for A-Tec Mods. Had a look on Google but not found anything yet.

Got a mate who's after a mod for his 25-06 and i have said Predator 8 but also A-Tec but cant find much info on it.

He wants something with a bit of weight to reduce rocoil and muzzle flip.
any help would be great.



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Hi Miles try here

Jager sporting arms.:- 01484 840087

I have the address some were if you need it pm me and I will sort it out.

Best rgds


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wanted -

T4 moderator, 1/2 " unf for .308 calibre
275mm long version, the current ones from jackson rifles have a shorter back can (227mm overall length).

anyone got one they want to shift??

Offroad Gary

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rifle pictured with T8 off my .243 prohunter mountain, i want to fit a T4 to this so its shorter overall. the T8 pictured is 260mm overall length, a current T4 is 227 overall length. the older T4's were 275mm long, so sleeved back further.

the previous owner used the older, longer T4, rifle handled and shot well.


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I use a T4AR on .223 very compact mod, obviously not as quiet as a T8 but hopefully quiet enough to stop me going deaf.

Thar wrote
T4 for 308?

I use a standard length T4 on my Blaser 30.06 no problems and again quiet enough for my requirments

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