Modern Society


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I was going to post something negative about the way societal values are disappearing, at least as I knew them and then I was sent this - all is not lost, even though, at times it seems so.

"I will post my usual Show report in the morning folks, but today something very special happened that restored my faith in humanity and reduced us all to tears.
Will F won the six strong young handlers class....when it came to the presentation he called me & my microphone over and told me that there was only one champion in that line up and it was a young lady by the name of "N C" who earlier this week had tragically & unexpectedly lost her father...... He then handed over his rosettes, prize money, presentation whip and walked down the line up complete with his horse to hand his prizes to this lovely little lass. Will is fourteen years old... and in those few moments the boy became a man.
He showed compassion, empathy and total sportsmanship. You moved us all with that selfless gesture young man and proved to us all that there are good young people out there who think of others first."

Worth stressing the positives !

Fosbery Holster

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A drop of human kindness goes a long way, he deserves the title of young man !!

Will F you’ve just raised the bar for all of us to aspire to, well done that man. 👍