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Hi, Today when swapping scopes around, I was sickened to see the amount of moisture under picatinny rail when removed from rifle. Rifles are always cleaned and dried before being put into cabinet. Thankfully no damage.
Does anyone have idea how to prevent this happening, would a smear of water proof grease or something else help stop water getting between rail/rifle.


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I would be very careful about using "waterproof grease". Waterproof grease contains soaps which absorb the water. It is waterproof in the sense that it keeps its lubricity when water gets in it. I would not be confident that it would prevent rust. I'd use thick general purpose grease - fill the gap and wipe away the excess.
In case anyone suggests silicone sealant; again be careful - many types emit acid while curing. As an unusual idea. .... You could try a slightly flexible wax... maybe surfboard wax. I hope helpful.


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I always epoxy bed my pica rails to the rifle, leaving "no" room for water and making for a more solid connection. I do use release agent on the action and rail. Epoxy acts as a bridge but can be removed later.