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Sold: Monarch waist roe sack and large S4 lockdown bino caddy

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Well-Known Member
For sale unused monarch compact waist roe sack - bought ar kelso
these are a great bit of kit but sentiment getting in the way of replacing my old bag
£100 delivered

Also a S4 Camo bino caddy a bit small for my old lieca so for sale £45 delivered

cheers for looking


Well-Known Member
Bit surprised there has not been much interest in the row sack, saving from
new and seem to get snapped up- do you good stalkers think it's too expensive ?
My personal opinion is that it is too expensive. It is a secondhand item, whatever the condition, which you haven't told us and no pictures either. Has it been used? I know we can look it up but the emphasis is on the seller to promote his product.

this of course is only my opinion and possibly not the opinion of the masses. :D


Well-Known Member
I agree with Singing Stalker photo's needed.
The price could be a little lower but as unused then it still represent a saving of £20
Is the S4 used or new and would it take Swaro 7 X 42's


Well-Known Member
Fair enough comments lads
the sack has never been used - so agreed it's not new, however if I said 90 delivered that would be 25% ish lower than new so think that's fair as one on a game fair stall will get more handling
pics available by PM
the lock down harness has been used a few (10 ish) times but small for my old style Leica RF and not needed on that basis
can also post pics via PM

thanks for for feedback and I am always open to a trade - keep smiling all


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What is belt length. I am 46" round the bit that matters. The majority stop about 42-44". I have a Vorn rucksack so this may be the roe sack solution.


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Weekend bump on the monarch bum bag roe sack
as said previously I am looking for £90 or a swap WHYG
no roe sacks or fixed blade knives
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