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Hi Guys,
Most people have paid their march and shoot sponsorship in now. I will be calling the others over the weekend.

please please please get it in and let me know we are towards 6 weeks since the event.




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If I may,

Some people may have paid direct to the charity rather than to the event!! If this is the case then those bodies should have let themselves know to either yourself or Mrs Gyr (Lisa). That would have alleviated a lot of uncertainty. It is a shame that we are still asking at this late stage for sponsorship money to be paid in.

I understand that there are still one or two auctions that have not been HOUNOURED by a certain member. Maybe we could auction these very kind donations off again rather than giving them to the second highest bidder. Very sorry if you are the second highest but I am only thinking of the great cause we are trying to raise the money for.

To help kick off the auctions, could we please find the auctions that where not honoured, what the starting price was, then I will start the bidding at the starting price!! Honestly, I cannot say fairer than that!


Although, JAYB, thanked everyone for there efforts on behalf of the site could I publicly ask you to please encourage the membership, as they have always done so to please bid on the two auctions that were un-honoured?

Your help and assistance is always very much appreciated


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it's cool

I hope you are well?

yes most are pain, i emailed everyone a few weeks ago, there are still one or two outstanding and i will pay them a quick phone call at the weekend.

As for the auctions. i am awaiting Admin telling me when that person last logged in. It is quite likely that the bidding was mischief orientated. When i know that i will ask admin to email them. If we don't have a reply to that email in 7 days i will speak with the donor and gauge his feelings befor we do anything further.

.243 yes i got the message. i can still call for a chat if you want!



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The March and Shoot event is to be hailed as a great success having raised a sum of in excess of £12k. Without doubt this event was supported and run by a small team off this site, and although I myself did not manage to attend due to other commitments and did not play a major part in the arrangements, I managed to find the time and money to support the event with a 3 day Sika hunt.

Now our lads and lassies are laying their lives on the line at the moment in Afghanistan and Iraq, as many of their commrades have before them in all the theatres of war. The very least we can do apart from honouring the fallen is to support the living and injured of our armed services.

SO!!! Support them, its what we British are good at, and despite all the crap said about this country, credit crunch, idiots on street corners, etc etc, I for one am still proud to be BRITISH. So please support what the March and Shoot stands for and the auction, people have put a lot of time into it and it is for a very worthy cause.

Thank you, from a cynical, old school stalker/hunter ;)