Money no object Scope?

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Well I am a meopta fan, if I had loads of money would I change it? Hmmm, probably, but only cos I want the best of the best, and along with that would be the Humvee and the Ferrari and the 25 year old with big boobies from down the road. Who says money cant buy you love? :evil:
Head shots on Roe out to 300x.
Some hill work but not with that rifle but with the scope.
Extremely low light work on problem deer in sensitive areas.


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I did say OUT to 300x.
It wouldn't be out of choice
hey bud if you can do it then do it whats etical to you may not be the same for other shooters
i shoot a 7mm rem mag a gun i never purchased for close work i know most of the shooters on hear would not shoot more than 200yards but thats there choice just as its mine to shoot further have a look on you tube long shot shooter to see what can be done if you put the practice in ps its not me


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