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For Sale: Montblanc items for sale


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My wife is lucky enough to work for a company that shows appreciation of long service and for the last couple of milestones has been awarded several items of luxury goods from Montblanc. She will never use these and I already have a very nice set of Montblanc pens from an earlier award, so thought I would offer them for sale here if anyone is interested.

SOLD Meisterstück Platinum-Coated Classique Fountain Pen, £405 retail

SOLD Meisterstück Platinum-Coated Classique Ballpoint Pen, £295 retail

SOLD Meisterstück Platinum-Coated Classique Mechanical Pencil, 0.5 mm, £295 retail

SOLD Montblanc 4810 Westside Two Pen Pouch with Zip, £145 retail

SOLD Montblanc 4810 Westside Large A4 Notebook with Zip, £445 retail

Montblanc Meisterstück SOFT Document Case Black 104650, approx £1000 retail

This is all genuine Montblanc in original packaging and virgin/unused condition. If I can get her some money back on these, then she is less likely to argue when I need to buy better glass :)

Looking for £200 for the A4 folder, £300 includes the fountain pen.
£250 for the other 2 pens in the leather pouch.
The calfskin document case is £500.

Face to face nr Gatwick or monthly at Bisley, or buyer covers cost of insured postage.

Will be putting these on the bay later today with similar reserves.

Thanks and regards

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mike hague

Well-Known Member
Hi Mark

Received the pens and wallet today. Well please with them and good to do business with you.