Available: MONTERIA Driven RED and Boar Mouflon and Fallow available NOV and FEB 2016

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Driven Wild Boar and Red Deer available in Nov in SpaBOOK NOW FOR FEB 2016 and NOV-FEB 2016-2017
after a very successful MONTERIA in Spain in FEB 2015 I have reserved another 10 Places to add to the 6 guns who rebooked .For FEB 2016

RESULTS 586 animals Culled in 3 days shooting to 25-31 guns Day 1 25 guns day2 25 guns day 3 31 guns 3 stags each gun limit unlimited Boar and Hinds .

PM me for pictures and full details.

DO a years shooting in 3 days incredible .Only allowed by Spanish Law to be Driven once a year.
Don't miss out .
Nov will be about £5000 Feb £3500 depending on the Euro exchange rate .

The Deer where brought off the hill in the traditional manor with horses and as there were so many the only way of bringing them back was by trailer . So the meat can be utilised and put into the food chain . Before you comment ,how else can it be done quickly ? Try a Monteria first before you Judge.

NOVEMBER DATES ARE Sat 14th and courtyard.jpg Sun 15th 2 RED DEER LINED UP FOR COUNTING.jpg 015 RED DEER BY THE TRUCK LOAD.jpg BOAR.JPG JEEP FULL.JPG UK HUNTERS just discovered what great shooting is available in Spain and its great weather even in the winter. Don't miss out book Now http://www.a1decoy.co.uk


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