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This is a bull moose taken on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, October 07. On a short walk we saw about a dozen animals of varying ages including an odd pricket still in velvet which was causing much angst among the mature bulls. We were walking with a very experienced moose guide who also demostrated calling, quite an experience...a horse and a half with a couple of kitchen chairs on it's head crashing through the brush towards you! This picture was taken from about 20 yards.

paul k

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That's a really nice photo of the moose. I spent a few days in New England trying to see one but never did.

2428 miles

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Great Pic!
I saw one when I was out in Canada, we stalked right up behind him we were in quite thick cover. Got to about 30 yards away. All we could see was this massive bulk waving his chairs around. His head was mighty fine, perhaps twice the size one shown. Sadly had no camera with me that day!!


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Thanks for the comments guys.

No Fallow Stalker, didn't get to hunt moose...on Cape Breton Island it's residents only and you only get into the draw every five years so a Nova Scotia moose is more or less a once in a lifetime bear, well, that's another story.

While I was there a guy shot a moose on mainland Nova Scotia and was fined C$250,000!!

Miles, this was a fairly small head, we saw a huge old boy back near the car but was too dark to get a pic. As you say, a good head is about twice the size.
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