Mora Knife Poor Finish?


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Yes, it's a bit rough (and a bit rougher than my ones) but it wouldn't take more than a few minutes to tidy up, and for me that would be less hassle than returning it.


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It is a bit rough, rather than the cost of sending it back, if you have young children or grandchildren, get them to smooth it, supervised of course, too many youngsters, these days, lack such practical skills.


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I have three of them. The two light blades have been left sheared edge like that, but they have had the heat scale cleaned off and been lightly polished.

The heavier bladed one has actually been abraded smooth.

You could try some vinegar or coca cola (phosphoric acid) to dissolve the oxide...use your sharpening stone or just wrap a bit of wet and dry around a baton and smooth it off if it annoys you.




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well for £10ish don't expect prettiness, it is functional and still the best for that price. Yes, for a meat hygienic point its not ideal but i would just file/sand it if it really bothers you.


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Just use it for its intended purpose. As long as the back is not so rough that its snagging on things its OK. Life is to short to worry about slight cosmetic defects on a £10 knife.

Bryan H

That's the back right? Not the cutting edge... It's a rough one for sure but I'd prob just tidy it up myself if it bothered me (as it was only a tenner!).
Flatten the edge until it is perpendicular to the blade, ie, 90 degrees and use it to ignite a firesteel.


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You must have paid more and got the fish de-scaling edge on the top. I have 2 neither looks like that