Moray Outfitting / Stalking School - Sporting rifle and DSC1 courses


For anyone unsure where to do their DSC 1, I can highly recommend John and Andy's 2 day revision and assessment.

Sporting Rifle Course. Taken April 2012. Having first met Andy after booking their 1 day Sporting rifle course with my friend Chris, I was impressed with the facilities and vast knowledge and experience upon which to learn from. The sporting rifle day included range time where we could check my Zero and test homeloads at multiple distances, followed by simulated stalks in various rides in stunning woodlands (These with targets to shoot). I could also undertake a trial run of the DSC shooting test. This great value day, which is totally flexible to your needs, is an excellent pre-cursor to the DSC1 itself.

DSC 1. Taken June 2012. The revision day for the DSC1 was extremely helpful and cleared up any queries I had before the assessment. John and Andy make their clients feel at home and very much at ease. I will personally use them both to progress my DSC2 in the months to come. Overall, I would highly recommend this stalking school for DSC training, assessment and progression. Well done guys.

Iain B
UK Outfitters