More s***e in the media


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What a waste. . . I could have had a braw pair of breeks made out of those little velvet gems :D


lol what a bunch of idiots!!! oldest trick in the book, proof to the farmer your not recycling your catches from the last farm!:D


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Looks like someone knows how to do their job properly!
Surely all keepers and mole catchers in years gone by used to do this on (As I recall) what was known as a "Gibbet" to show the land/estate owner that they were doing their job!

Out of interest, does anyony know if "Gibbets"(sp) are still legal? (I haven't heard anything to the contrary)?


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Yep, I do the very same. In fact I used, years back I used to hang crows & rooks on the fences to deter others. Seemed to work


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only if your in the R.S.P.C.A and looking to drum up some funding from jo public would this be made an issue.once again the naughty countryman is protecting land and his livestock from vermin.they know "knowledgable"city dwellers will be outraged by such ""wanton cruelty "<killing them cleanly in a mole trap>then they can reel em in and get a few quid a month from outraged of notting hill .its a country tradition but in these instant publicity days not such a wise move.the anti,s love a bit of free propaganda to help them carp on an ancient way of life


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She better not come for a drive round here, there are little trophies hanging all over the place.



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Still nothing illegal surrounding it as long as they were trapped in the correct manner, we do this all the time at work, as previously said it's proof the customer is getting a good service


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Just another rod to brake our backs with. No need to hang them high just give them to landowner let him dispose of them. We used to hang foxes up years ago but I would not dream of it now. Times have changed and we need to know how the media works.