More than just a token jesture is needed...

Rob Mac

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A friend I was stalking with at the weekend, was telling me about a driven boar shoot he went on at the end of last year.

It was arranged through one of the largest sporting agents that operates in the UK and Europe and he's been on 3 or 4 previous trips with them and had a fantastic time. Good bag, great people, superb location etc.....

This time around they were promised a good bag, and only managed to get a quarter of the animals promised. He assured me it was not because they were all hopeless shots, but that there weren't enough boar in the area. Whilst my friend managed to get his boar, a few of the guns didn't get the chance and are obviously bitter about paying 'top dollar' for a 'virtually guaranteed bag' and not getting their money's worth. The operator has offered a small refund 'exchangeable against their next trip' which is not available as cash.

I know there are no guarantees when it comes to stalking/hunting. I return home empty handed more often than not when stalking my area. But I would have thought this operator should dig deeper into their pockets and offer more than just a token jesture - they weren't one or two animals short of their target, more like 30. I'm sure in their small print it says there are no guarantees, so legally my friend probably doesn't have a leg to stand on, but this company's image is being eroded by every disgruntled client.

I've chosen not to mention the name of the company, because I've only heard one person's side of the story (and up until now they've been fantastic), but was wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience and what can be done to ensure that once an operator has our money, he has to deliver or refund at least part of it.




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This has been a problem with certain companies over the years, especially some of the bigger ones with high turn over of clients. It means they need a huge amount of land with the right contacts to make the dream come true every time for every client, which when you are dealing with wild game can not be guaranteed.

The same company which I am thinking of was very much into stalking some of the big estates in the northern highlands, and eventually fell from grace and favour about 15 years ago, due to unpaid bills and making promises to clients that could not be forfilled by the stalkers/estate owners. It may be that the same area your friend was on has been hit too hard before they arrived ? The companies name I refer to begins with D.

They are now making serious in roads into parts of Scotland and have already tried to muscle in on an area I am associated with. As with all these companies you should read the small print, its unusual for any refund to be given, and a rebate off another hunt is just a sprat to catch a Mackerel again, back on the hook to take another hunt and pay more money, yeh right!


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If Rob is talking about a chap whose name begins with P then I heard of a trip organised by the same chap whilst in Croatia in the presence of guys from all over, so if it the same chap, then his 'advertising' is not doing him any good!!
I believe it was a trip to Germany as was the other 'damage limitation' offer.
I have no reason to disbelieve what I heard but as it is Hearsay am not in a position to enlighten anybody, sorry.


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The following quote is from my Polish account.

"Top marks and thanks to our local guides and to Diana hunting tours. To avoid disappointment, book early for next year!"

Surely we can't be talking about the same outfit? I guess you can't please all of the people all of the time. If you feel hard done by then name them. The company mentioned above ask for feedback. perhaps copying this to a stalking site such as this would add weight to ones case?

I don't advertise, but offer a 100% refund if a customer is unhappy. This policy has never backfired in twenty years.

Ten happy clients MIGHT tell a friend.
A single disgruntled one WILL sing like a bird to anyone who will listen.

Good luck with gaining some redress, whoever you are.


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Three little words that should set alarm bells ringing


Especially relating to hunting



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It just go's to show that life's a gamble, is this an example of a rip off by a well practised exponent of the art, or a bit of the bad luck that we all know exists within this sport? Buggered if I know.

If it does turn out to be another rip off in a long line of rip offs then I think the fact should be advertised as much as possible. As much as we should expect to pay for our pleasure we should wherever possible alert the sport in general to the existence of money grabbers.

I do think though that flinging names about in a reckless fashion should be avoided, as untold irrevocable damage could be done to a completely innocent party. Having said that it is not difficult to identify the people organisations that have been vaguely referred to, and I have to say it is not the first time these names have cropped up.


Rob Mac

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Hi John

I agree with what you're saying. It's the nature of hunting that we're always going to experience bad luck from time to time.

But I don't think that it should only be the client that pays for this bad luck. The price of the hunt reflected the fact that the expected bag was large. In the end it wasn't as there weren't enough animals on the ground. As a stalker/hunter you have to learn to live with disappointments and perhaps the operators should too - to a greater or lesser extent.



JAYB said:
I do think though that flinging names about in a reckless fashion should be avoided, as untold irrevocable damage could be done to a completely innocent party. John
I certainly agree with you on this John.


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poddle said:
You say that you don't advertise Buckup, Looks like you have done just that in the post above

I stand corrected. I don't advertise MY business. I have no problem speaking well of those who have given good service to me though. I would call this reccomendation rather than advertising. On reflection, I guess it's only fair to give the trader a fair chance to redeem themselves before tearing them apart on the web. After that, publishing their name, provided the facts are true and not embelished, I don't have a problem with. Surely this is much the same as word of mouth, whether it be positive or negative? If we are all honest (which of course we are) then it should become clear that this is either a one off, unfortunate incident. Alternatively it could be that I was very lucky and the majority are unhappy. I have now axe to grind either way, as I have only used this firm for the first time for my trip to Poland.
Again good luck whoever you are. I do sympathise, we plan these things and pay for as well as look foreward to them months in advance. It must be so dissapointing when it just doesn't go right.


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Deer and wild animals move around, and it's impossible to gaurantee shooting. If however the land does not hold deer or the population is low, than it's wrong to take paying clients to that location.

Too many folk are trying to make money out of field sports and it's getting rather crowded, and desperate