More thieving

The deer man

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Just went to move a high seat today in readiness for Friday and guess what - it's been nicked! Trailer pulled up alongside and off they went with tyre marks in the direction of the neighbours. So I took my dog for a walk and guess what, I found it all ready set up for the bloody thieves for Friday.

I reported it to the Police and gave them details of the suspect who has just got his Firearms Certificate (I know this because the FEO went to the wrong house, of a friend, to issue the nice new certificate to the thief!).

Long and the short of it is hopefully the Police are coming over tomorrow to recover the high seat. Meanwhile they are investigating this honest citizen who is now a firearms owner. We'll see what happens . . . .

norma 308

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Holy moly you wouldn't believe it would you , lets hope they throw the full weight of the law on him !


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A git and a twit!

I had had some land in Dorset a few years back. We had the woodland but the farm around it was let to a couple of Belgians. They thought it was fine to erect a seat against a tree on our ground with it leaning over our boundary fence. We felled the tree. The hint was taken.

I hope hope they educate your neighbour for you.

paul o'

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any names to avoid !!
what an arse bet if he had said can i borrow it you might have let him? i hate naffin thieves hope he gets his stuff nicked for good :ban:him. glad you are to get your kit back, but bet you get more after this is sorted as he knows you and your high seat so prob set you up for something !! just over £200 seat dumb springs to mind :doh:


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Sad to think stalkers steal from stalkers ! you have to be fairly dim to nick the nearest seat to your place then erect it were it can be found by the guy you nicked it off.. deserves to get captured & will no doubt loose his ticket ....if proven guilty ..


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He should have his cert revoked and gain a police record .
Hope you took some photos as a record
I caught someone on wildlife cam last week trying to carry feeders away.


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Recently I dismantled a walk in freezer on a farm yard about 50yds from a road said to the people I would be back in 2 days to take it away as my trailer had a flat, went back in 2 days all the working bits gone because they contain copper, ( wont need a lot of gueses who took it they had been around after I left too see if it was scrap and had been told to sod off) but at night no one sees them not even the security cameras.

Try explaining it to the guy you sold it to.


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hopefully the Police are coming over tomorrow to recover the high seat.
this is the bit that worries me

I found a m/cycle that had been taken from my front door , some years back, plod was supposed to recover............ you can guess the rest.:doh:


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Any theives should be named and shamed and a big picture put up, then they might think twice then, makes my blood boil how they think they can get a away with it. Hopefully the police will charge him and he gets what he deserves, keep us all informed. Have a good day

private fraser

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Please don't take this the wrong way, but was the seat marked in any way so you can prove ownership?
I'm wondering what is the best way to discreetly mark a high seat.