morning on the fallow

shakey jake

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Wife was out today so had both my boys took them out for their first time stalking both under ten. Did not expect much saw a small group all had a good look they saw us first and just vanished after about an hour saw a lone buck coming along a hedge shot that front on, now I think I should have waited needed 2 more shots both in the chest side on to bring it down are all bigish bucks that tough, sorted him out and carried on found a young doe in some rough on a bank killed this one cleanly tidied it up boys think its great just like Yukon men. Now it was more like a stroll with a gun bumped another buck and watched him bounce off called it a morning drive to collect the deer, after loading the doe not 30 yards from us a young buck stepped out another clean kill. 4 hours 3 deer 2 very happy boys and one chuffed dad. Hope my luck continues lots of sausages to make this week.