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Sold: Mossberg "715T" semi-auto .22lr

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DM Firearms

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Each to their own I personally think - there are many a person in the UK that use this style out in the field. Be it a smith and wesson 22lr or a Southern Gun Company .223, a centrefire in a "military style" chassis or even a benelli or similar in "tactical" style shotgun that takes 5 - 10 cartridges .

In all honesty in this day and age, when a person/member of the public see's a firearm I don't think it makes a difference what it looks like - their reaction will simply be based on their position on firearms i.e. anti or pro.

We earn a firearm certificate or shotgun certificate by jumping a number a hoops. So when it comes to choosing the style of firearm, provided it is legal, we hold every right (have earned the right) to go with whatever we want and feel most comfortable with :)
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