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Hello Morena.

Here`s a question, I have a 30 month old Yellow Lab bitch whom i try to keep fit.

Now, my lab seems to be on a constant moult :mad: . I could brush her down everyday and get 2 full brushes full of fur out of her, not to mention the amount of fur that goes into the hoover when the wife does the cleaning when she comes in from work. :confused:

I have had dogs all of my life, but have never had one that moults as bad a this bitch :lol:

Is it just something that has to happen, or is there some kind of medication that you can give them to stop it or at least slow it down.? :rolleyes:

Thanks ;)



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Does she live indoors or in a kennel. I have found that kenneled dogs never moult as much as those living in. I always put it down to the curse of central heating, very nice at the time but, is it good in the long run????



Jayb is correct the natural moult is caused by weather conditions and we as pet owner normally keep them inside so for them its always summer inside and winter out side there coat is a reflection of this. So its out side for him to get him to moult properly or its a new dog brush for Christmas.
PS wire vizslas don't moult stripped out once a year the wife loves him ;)


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Thanks for the replies guys. ;)
It never crossed my mind that as she IS kept indoors that this would have anything to do with constant moulting, but i suppose it does make sense.
Looks like i will have to keep using the brush then :confused:

Thanks for that ;)



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Willow my black lab lives outside all year, constantly sheds his coat, just finish moult lasting a mounth. I feed on a meusli type food, have now changed his diet, give him cod liver oil addictive, and a old time vet has suggested a knob of margerine a day, full of vitamin E ? My kennel and run were full of hair, so this post is very interesting for me, another sympton was lacklustre coat and very mild small skin particles, no exema patches just flaky particles. dog fullof energy and happy. have to find another dog food to try.