Mountain Top pick up tonneau stuck closed!


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The Mountain Top on my pickup is stuck closed. I'm assuming the lock's knackered. :doh:

Has anyone got any bright ideas how to get it open?

I've got 400kg of barley, a brace of duck and a chainsaw i'd quite like to get out!!

Before anyone suggests it, no I can't just open the tailgate.... :evil:

paul o'

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may just have to drill the lock feller ,give it a good oil up rust lube then hopefully you can turn the handle try to joggle the key first ,but you prob already done this, seen new mountain tops do the same thing !! but the key waggle has opened them . had to drill my armadillo before i removed it and put on a truckman .


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Thanks both for the advice.

A drill and a big hammer cured it.

I'm looking for a full canopy for the back, so I think i'll fit a new lock and put the Mountain Top up for sale.