Mounting a male and female pair.

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Hi Phil,
Is it possible to have a pair of deer shoulder mounted? I have seen many Bucks and Stag mounts but never a pair of deer.
Any information you can give will be much appreciated.

I'm looking at getting a Roe pair done, what sort of price would I be looking at?

Many thanks! Steve.F :D


Buck and a Doe

Hello Steve

Yes, Ive done a few pairs for clients over the years. Did a CWD pair last year.Basically you
can have any combination of mounts that you want. The only issue with having a Roebuck and a
doe together is that they are both in thier best respective coats at different times of the
year due to the seasons. The Bucks at his best in July and the Doe in her full winter pelage
in say December. It is possible in certain circumstances (out of season licenses R.T.A`s etc)
to get them both in the same seasonal coat but not easy.
So yes its possible and you just need the deer!.

I`ll PM you the other info

Hope thats OK Steve, Regards

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